Accessing birth control should be easy, affordable and fair.

Women make up 50% of the global population, yet talking about their health is still considered taboo.

It’s time for change.

Women face unnecessary barriers to obtaining contraception, unlike their male counterparts who can access everything they need from a local corner store. 

Over 19M women in the United States live in contraception deserts, meaning they lack access to affordable birth control. 

When it comes to contraceptive care, The Pill Club believes in giving women choice and access, no matter where they are. 

Accessing birth control should be easy, affordable and fair.

World Contraception Day

Celebrated on September 26th every year, this day is dedicated to improving awareness of the role contraception plays in enabling people to make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health. This conversation matters now more than ever. 

Just last year SCOTUS ruled that employers could use “religious or moral objectives” to opt out of providing contraceptive coverage to employees.

Racial discrimination continues to influence contraception access. In a survey of Black women, 28% reported they had been encouraged to use one form of birth control when they preferred another.

Contraception is about more than preventing pregnancy. In fact, many people look to birth control to manage conditions like endometriosis, hormonal acne, migraines and more. 

You can make a difference

We’re proud to partner with Bedsider, an organization dedicated to making sure every young person has the power to decide if, when, and under what circumstances to get pregnant, thereby increasing their opportunity to pursue a future they want.  

In celebration of World Contraception Day, we’re making a donation to and hope you’ll consider doing the same!