Say hello to Annovera: The first vaginal ring that lasts all year

Long-lasting, procedure-free birth control

Annual: Annovera lasts a whole year (13 cycles)

Procedure-Free: Annovera is easily reversible and doesn’t require a painful procedure.

Comfortable: Annovera is soft and squishy, because where it goes is soft and squishy

More about Annovera

What is it: 

Annovera is a small silicone ring, comparable in size to a tampon. It’s soft, easy to insert, and contains enough birth control medication to last an entire year (13 cycles). Most women report they don't feel Annovera once it’s in place.

How it works:

The ring is placed inside the vagina and remains in place for 21 days. While it’s in the vagina, medication is slowly released. After those 21 days, the ring is removed for 7 days. During those 7 days, a withdrawal bleed occurs that’s similar to a period.

What’s in it: 

Annovera contains both estrogen and progestin, two female hormones. The estrogen prevents ovulation, while the progestin changes the lining of the uterus and thickens the cervical mucus to prevent sperm from joining with an egg.

One of the lowest estrogen doses:

The amount of estrogen is very low at 13 mcg per day, much lower than most birth control pills that contain estrogen.

Skipping your period on Annovera hasn’t been approved by the FDA.

FYI, Annovera will need to be shipped overnight…

And it will require a signature for delivery. This is because the ring can’t be exposed to extreme temperatures that might occur in your mailbox. If you need more privacy, your Annovera ring can be mailed to your workplace or alternate address, as long as someone can sign for the package.

We send your birth control prescription in an envelope without any logos or company info. The return address simply states “TPC” so nobody will know what’s in your discreet care package. As a member, you’ll be texted your next delivery updates and can keep track of them on your personal account page.

How The Pill Club works


Take a few minutes to answer some health questions.

Using your answers and brand preferences, our medical team reviews your health info in an online consult, then selects the right birth control for you.


$0 with most insurance or low prices without.

We accept most insurance, including select Medicaid plans, which typically cover the cost of your medication. If you have a copay, we'll let you know ahead of time. No insurance? Pricing for the pill starts as low as $6.99 / pack*.


Auto-refills with free shipping. Cancel anytime.

We send you automatic refills with free shipping. If you don't love our service, or need to stop birth control for any reason, simply cancel with a text**.

Real reviews from real members

Made life a little bit easier for me

I LOVE The Pill Club!

Really appreciate this service. Not having to go to the doctor (or even leave my house) in order to get my prescription really changes the came. I love getting my little envelope of goodies and if I’m going on a trip, they’re able to send another pack so I don’t run out while I’m away.

I actually love The Pill Club. They really out do themselves. It’s my very beginning journey with contraceptives and i was kind of scared. The Pill Club was easy, fast, and so warm. I genuinely feel good and taken care of. Will stay forever!

I have had nothing but good experiences with The Pill Club. I love the ability to text with them and I love that everything always get sorted out quickly. They always send my refills early so I always have at least two packs on hand at a time, which gives me great confidence. I have even had to change my address back and forth due to travel and they have been able to accommodate that. Would highly recommend!

"I LOVE The Pill Club! I feel more comfortable speaking to their teams members than I have with any other health professional outside of this company. They always make sure you get what you want, and check-in in case you would like to change anything about your subscription. I wouldn't get my birth control from anywhere else!

G Sal

Savannah Robertson

The Pill Club is so convenient! I used to have to drive 15 minutes away to the pharmacy every month to get my pills. Their customer service is the best! Whenever I have a problem, I text them and within a day they respond.

Virginia Eastwood

I have been using The Pill Club for over year now and love how easy everything is. I get my prescription mailed to me and never had to worry about it not arriving on time. I live a busy life and having to not worry about needing to go pick up my prescription at a pharmacy makes it less stressful. I also love all the goodies that are included every month. Easy to sign up for and easy to set up a video call with a doctor to talk about your prescription. I highly recommend.

Izsie Robinson

What's not to love? Easy to use. Great communication. Pills delivered to me when I need them. So happy I found them :-)

I'm able to order one full year of birth control at a lower cost than I would normally pay through Planned Parenthood (Where I got my prescription before The Pill Club). It's easy and it's a service I've really enjoyed.

Bailey Peterson

Annalise Tingler

AMAZING company! I signed up and had all of my questions answered, video chatted with a doctor and my prescription for the whole year was in the mail within days! Reduces all of the stress and hassle of going to a doctor and a pharmacy. The ability to text or call is so hassle free. I will never go back to the pharmacy again!

Don’t have to ask off work for a doctor’s visit. If you’re a busy college student like me, you may not be able to get home to your regular doctor in time to renew your prescription. This was a much better solution for me. Plus, I love the free bonus stuff!

Brenda Basom

Marissa Velasco

Rachel Cunningham

Lauren Fountain

$0 With Most Insurance.

What you get with Birth Control

As low as $6.99/pack without.*

$20/year for medical consult (if appropriate)

$0 for generic Plan B & internal condoms with insurance

Personalized ongoing care

*You may also be charged a medical consultation fee, which covers the cost of medical services associated with your prescription. Vienva (levonorgestrel 0.1mg and ethinyl estradiol 0.02mg). $6.99 price reflects 13+ packs (1 year supply) bulk pricing and $10.66 price reflects 3-pack (3-month supply) bulk pricing.**Certain Medicaid plans don't allow us to automatically ship refills. If you're impacted by this, we'll contact you before shipping your refill.

FREE! Discreet delivery and auto-refills**

FREE! Fun self-care extras

U.S. licensed medical providers

Licensed pharmacy

Accepts most insurance

Love from our members.

Cayenne 🌶

Nicole Jean


panini's mom





If you need birth control look into @thepillclub!!! I got three months of birth control for $40 without insurance and they send you little goodies with your pills. And you don’t have to remember to get it filled because it’s shipped to your door!!!

#NotAnAd just my true opinion; @thepillclub is absolutely amazing and I can’t believe I didn’t use this before. I’ve already got one little one and i’m not in the market for another anytime soon. I also don’t have much time for doctor visits and luckily with The Pill Club, I can get birth control AND plan B (plus some extra goodies) shipped right to my door step.

@thepillclub has been a lifesaver for me! For the past year I have been STRUGGLING to get my birth control due to an insurance change. I said screw it and went straight to #thepillclub. Within a week I had my proper prescription AND a years worth of my pills plus emergency contraception. Now I don't have to make monthly trips to the pharmacy. I get better control of that part of my life.

I just came here to say I officially love @thepillclub with my whole entire heart. If you take birth control pls do yourself a favor and check them out it's by far the best thing I've discovered this year. I put off getting birth control for years and I genuinely almost cried when I signed up bc it was so fast and easy and my anxiety over it was finally gone. I wish I would have known about this years ago.

Why The Pill Club?

$0 with most insurance. Low prices without.

Affordable prices compared with other birth control delivery services and retail pharmacies.

Never worry about running out

Count on us to deliver your birth control and morning after pills on time.

Free, discreet shipping

With extra goodies in your package for extra delight!

100% online

You’re always in control: Consultation, prescriptions, personalized care from the comfort of your home and on your own time.

Here's what comes in every package!

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